Monday, September 27, 2010

Wooden Toys of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Wooden toys have been favorite toys for not let the TV commercials fool you! Long before plastics came on the scene children were playing with wooden toys. Today some of those same favorite wooden toys are still favorites for kids and parents. Many parents believe all the TV commercials and buy what their children see and want on TV only to find it broke or in the bottom of the toy box a short time later and of course.....the never ending purchase of batteries!

I will define a few favorites that I have observed that would fit in the category of being a favorite wooden toys of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Wooden building blocks have probably been one of the oldest favorites and still are today. Give a child a pile of different size blocks and watch the creative mind work.

A wooden barn and fence. I know many a dad or grandpa has built a barn for a Christmas gift. This is one that is not only a toy, but one that passes from generation to generation and the stories that get passed too.

A wooden doll crib is a little girl's favorite along with a wooden kitchen set. I remember the wooden doll crib that my great grandmother had. Some wooden doll cribs are even sold with handmade blankets and pillows to add that soft homey look.  

Wooden push toys are a must have item for that toddler. Wooden push toys help stimulate walking while trying to control a toy and provides mental stimulation as well. There are many available but the one that I like best has little dowels inside the roller and they clunk as it is being pushed. I have seen many kids play with this old time toy and as soon as it gets dropped another child is there to grab it.  

Last but not not least is perhaps the favorite toy of yesterday, today and tomorrow. This would be an old fashioned marble roller. This toy has been around for a long time which like the other wooden toys, prove a point......KIDS LOVE THEM! How much fun can it be to put some marbles at the top of the roller, pull out the stopper and watch them roll down the roller all at once. Or perhaps 2 children are playing and having a contest as to which marble will get to the bottom first.

These wooden toys have all stood the test of children and have proven to be favorites, not only to children but to parents as well. So do your child a favor, and buy a wooden toy that does not require a battery and is not advertised on TV but will provide hours of fun, creativity and stimulation.

Author: Teresa Martin

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