Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wasatch Mountains, Utah

With Labor day arriving, will be nice to relax, time to open up the umbrella's and great barbecue food.  Living in Utah we have the mountains, and the desert.  The beautiful Wasatch Mountain were you don't have to camp or go hiking just drive in the car viewing the sights.  
 If you need any help finding your way around just call on us! 

One day my husband (Ronnie) and I took a hike up in Big Cottonwood Canyon, beautiful long up hill hike, I was exhausted by the time we reached the top but I couldn't help but excuse it all when I seen the beauty of the whole area, we were the only ones up their. Maybe because it started to rain. Ronnie found a small overhang, where we took shelter he built a small fire and we watch the rain come down hitting the lake, it was rather romantic. I believe it was called Ruth Lake just above Mirror lake. I know this I could see the whole valley above the clouds.

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