Sunday, April 3, 2011


Trying to find a song about my Mom I can't just pick one, Their are so many songs I use to hear her sing and dance around the house. Back in the late 60-70's you can Imagine all the songs that came across us in those years. Seems like music was a fashion just as it was a fashion in clothes and in style. Mom had a white convene car and when we went to the gas station she would say 2 bucks worth! That was on PCH, She loved Brenda Lee songs.

 Mom always had a sass about herself. I truly loved how she carried herself. She even shown me and my sister Vicky how to do the Locomotion. That was a mom and a girlfriend back then. How we always played songs on our 45's record player..Mom was a Pretty Woman I loved her so.

She was Not a PTA Mom.
Mom didn't take to well when the teachers treated her kids unfair, regardless she always stood behind us.  Heck she taught me how to defend my kids when they too where young. And Oh did I..

Through the years she shared many things and memories in her life. The years being young, a Mom to us all.  How often I called on her for the many questions and emotions I experience. How she was always there.

I use to hear mom sing many songs, It will take much more time then now to share.

I love you Mama, I well never stop missing you and your present....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Southern Calif

Ocean breeze and soft waves.

See the red dot in center of picture my childhood house. 
 In this video they advertise Quality Seafood, I worked their and enjoyed the many people who came to visit back in the 70's.  Their was also a place we went to often called the Fleetwood a dance place for 16 yr olds and up. Many Rock bands perform their. I think thats where the word Groupie was formed, lol.  At 16 and all through my HS years and college I truely believed it was the way of life growing up. Little did I know about Utah.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

 Thinking back when my mothers side all use to get together in California and how we all would dance and listen to them all playing their musical instruments, Grandpa Harris and Uncle Bill banjo, Uncle Ed guitar, Aunt Ruth accordion, I am sure there were more people playing but I didn't pay attention I just loved dancing with all our cousins. 
 I have old photos of many family members taking pictures was a nice thing to have.  I need to get some shared on this page.

My mothers side was from Soway Tenn. just near Oakridge Tenn. she was born in 1941 with 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  The photos of them all kids looks as if they where poor, but you wouldn't think so when you hear of all the travels and the things they spoke of.
I recall driving and mom telling us where she grew up at and how they went to school with no shoes. Which again didn't mind any.

How they ate biscuits and jelly for lunch. 

I also recall when visiting with the kin folk back in her home town how sweet and kind they all where to us and how they would give you their shirt off their back if you needed it.
I love thinking back to the dear and sweet kin folks I met once and maybe twice when having to travel back for funnels.  Last time Ive been in Tenn was when my grandmother Irene past away.  I still miss her so till this day. 
 As you see these photos their not the homes they grew up in least I don't believe so? I pulled them from photos from Tenn photo album on line.  

But you can feel the warmth and the  pride in any home which was built by sweat and honor.

I wish I could find a photo of my mothers home while growing up as a child.

And the many homes I visited when I was a child in Tenn. and Alabama.

Southern Style

 Have you ever drove down country road and were amazed to see people still living in those old homes, and they will wave hello while you drive by,

They have a lot sometime more then us they have a dear loving heart that I remember well.

I dedicate this to My mother, my grandmother and the whole family Tree.

 My mother front little girl. Ruby Mae Robbins