Thursday, September 30, 2010

If light was all I was dreaming of!

Beautiful rooms with great lighting

The home lighting is just enough.

Evening is even better.

I can only imagine.

Home lighting is an essential element for all beautiful home decor. New home lighting and ceiling fans are not only functional, but they are also beautiful additions to any home. Updating your lighting and ceiling fans can renew your entire home without the cost of replacing your furniture and decor.

Southern Porches

Driving along country roads and people who will wave while your driving by is so dear and sweet. That's what you call southern hospitality. 

I thought how beautiful some of their porches where, I am fond of the porches that run all the way around the house.

 With the hanging planters
and flower beds along the edge. Of course you cant forget the rocking chairs where you can relax and view the front yard.  My husband and I had a beautiful porch, like the one pictured above.
  While living in Cullman, AlaWith the humid weather their seems you can grow just about anything.  I loved my Boston ferns hanging off the porch.  We had moved since then, we live in Utah now and though me love it here I still miss the southern people and ways.  Where waving at strangers isn't  a odd thing to do now days. 

We still made sure our home here had a large porch and of course ferns don't grown well here I do have plenty of flowers and plants on the porch till winter arrives. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wooden Toys of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Wooden toys have been favorite toys for not let the TV commercials fool you! Long before plastics came on the scene children were playing with wooden toys. Today some of those same favorite wooden toys are still favorites for kids and parents. Many parents believe all the TV commercials and buy what their children see and want on TV only to find it broke or in the bottom of the toy box a short time later and of course.....the never ending purchase of batteries!

I will define a few favorites that I have observed that would fit in the category of being a favorite wooden toys of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Wooden building blocks have probably been one of the oldest favorites and still are today. Give a child a pile of different size blocks and watch the creative mind work.

A wooden barn and fence. I know many a dad or grandpa has built a barn for a Christmas gift. This is one that is not only a toy, but one that passes from generation to generation and the stories that get passed too.

A wooden doll crib is a little girl's favorite along with a wooden kitchen set. I remember the wooden doll crib that my great grandmother had. Some wooden doll cribs are even sold with handmade blankets and pillows to add that soft homey look.  

Wooden push toys are a must have item for that toddler. Wooden push toys help stimulate walking while trying to control a toy and provides mental stimulation as well. There are many available but the one that I like best has little dowels inside the roller and they clunk as it is being pushed. I have seen many kids play with this old time toy and as soon as it gets dropped another child is there to grab it.  

Last but not not least is perhaps the favorite toy of yesterday, today and tomorrow. This would be an old fashioned marble roller. This toy has been around for a long time which like the other wooden toys, prove a point......KIDS LOVE THEM! How much fun can it be to put some marbles at the top of the roller, pull out the stopper and watch them roll down the roller all at once. Or perhaps 2 children are playing and having a contest as to which marble will get to the bottom first.

These wooden toys have all stood the test of children and have proven to be favorites, not only to children but to parents as well. So do your child a favor, and buy a wooden toy that does not require a battery and is not advertised on TV but will provide hours of fun, creativity and stimulation.

Author: Teresa Martin

I enjoy Sharing!!!

I like to share some beautiful art I found in my search for "Art" A friend of mine makes Beaded Watches, She does this all on her own. I would like to share a part of her work. Her name Rachelle. I admire her way of making beads turn into Beautiful jewelry. I want to thanks her for sharing her work with my friends.

also In my travel with the website I found a great source of Pretty Things Decor she has her own theme of all crafty items to share. Great idea's.

And if its about kids check out this great site All About Kids they have from infants to older kids.

I would like to share as well a website that shows art in a different direction that is Art Plates you would enjoy the creations they bring out to many topics. 

check out the rest of my Favorites.

Friday, September 24, 2010

When you imagine your dream kitchen, not only is it beautiful and stocked full of shiny pots and pans, sharp knives, handy chef's tools, appliances, lovely dishes, flatware, stemware and barware, but it probably also has the perfect kitchen furniture for keeping all those things stored and organized. If your kitchen isn't quite your dream kitchen yet, chances are that you are in need of some additional counter space and storage space


Some pot racks come in a bookshelf style, so you can store all your cookbooks within easy reach too. Try a baker’s rack
with wicker baskets to keep your tablecloths, table runners and kitchen towels clean, folded nicely and right where you need them.  

  What could be nicer than updating your kitchen with a shiny new kitchen sink? You spend so much of your life in the kitchen -- cooking, cleaning, sometimes even entertaining. Why not plan a little home improvement? Update the look of your kitchen with a new stainless steel
or copper kitchen sink from the best place on the Internet for discounted prices,

 Of course when your all done you can just step outside onto your beautiful yard.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever Wonder where the Cockoo Clock originate

Today as Millions of tourists visit each year Germany special places getting more and more their favorites. Among them the Black Forest ranks as one of the oldest holidays areas.

The Black Forest is beside the Bavarian Forest the largest low mountain range of Germany. It is particularly famous for its expanded forests, valleys, little cities and nature-left rivers. Almost each village is an air health resort. But not only the environment gives the Black Forest its fascination – it´s one product that made this area so famous: the Black Forest Cuckoo clock.

This little summary about some major attractions should give you an overview of places to visit. A more deeper view you will get by visiting the links at the end of this overview.
The Swabian Hills
Reading the history on the Bavarian Forest, it goes back as far as 400 BC

Meeting New People and Places

I am a newcomer to the technology World, I can work on a computer and develop the needs for my job performance.  When searching on the web, I did the basic search and really didn't give it much thought of how it function and what it really meant behind SEO.

I have this great position at work Home Decor department, its a large range of items.  The one thing that makes this a great job is I can talk, chat, write and understand a lot of the details behind these products, if I cant I can sure ask, that's one thing I am not afraid of doing.

The fear I had, was corresponding with strangers on the internet, how do you open a door your not use to.  I didn't have much knowledge of the word social media, ranking and keywords.   Now days I am "flying" and find each day a challenge and accomplishments.  I really enjoy searching for other sites and viewing the things they offer to viewers.  

I have found so many great websites.  Businesses that offer wonderful service and ideas sharing tips and advice to many viewers.  

Artistes who share their painting and creative works the colors and images they see so well and we can only wish we could master.  

Seamstress who make historical and current clothing lines, where you can actually know and see what was the fashion back in the days. 

Craftsmanship who make wood working so beautiful and so unique.  So many things can be found out there on the internet. 

One great satisfaction I have is meeting and corresponding with many people, I cant tell ya how honored its been for them to respond and share their world with mine.  

Thank you all, for sharing and letting me become apart of more then I ever thought I could imagine.

Mrs. Parker's Millinery and Mercantile            Canyon Country 
  JOHNATHAN HARRIS FINE ART                            ALAN BLAUSTEIN Art                                
Rachels' Seamstress Services          
Darby Creek Trading            Pretty Things Decor
                        My Unique Wooden Toys                    Sew on Set

Monday, September 20, 2010

Canvas Art

Many elements compose each piece of art, from paintings to photography, and they all affect how you feel about the art and whether that piece is right for the room in question. It's easy to look at paintings, photography or other pieces of art and know immediately whether or not you like them, but will that art look right in the room you are decorating? Will you like looking at it every day? The first step in selecting the right art for you is to browse and pick the pieces you like most or that elicit an emotional reaction. Then evaluate the elements of the art to get a better idea if the art you like will be the art you'll love to have in your home. 

More than just wall decor, a fine piece of art reflects taste and style, often creating the focal point of a well-appointed room. canvs art sets represent the full spectrum of visual art. You'll find contemporary  trends, still life and floral, cityscape, famous artists and more in our extensive art department.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby's 1st bed

A baby bassinet is among the first baby items expectant parents shop for. With so many bassinets types and models available, parents often wonder how to choose a baby bassinet. When shopping for your baby items and baby furniture, there are many things to consider. Take available space, nursery decor and your parenting style into account when you are shopping for a baby bassinet and consider baby cradles and baby basket 

for your baby’s bed.
Or you can buy a new crib is one of the most important purchases you will make as you prepare to welcome a new baby into your home. You have a lot of choices when it comes to new cribs, but by keeping just a few things in mind, you can find the right baby crib for your family and enjoy the upcoming changes in your life.

Your baby will not be a baby forever. Buying a crib that grows with your child extends the usage of the crib and helps you avoid buying a new bed every year. Four-in-one style cribs are common and adjust from a baby crib to a toddler bed to a day bed to a full-size bed.