Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ever Wonder where the Cockoo Clock originate

Today as Millions of tourists visit each year Germany special places getting more and more their favorites. Among them the Black Forest ranks as one of the oldest holidays areas.

The Black Forest is beside the Bavarian Forest the largest low mountain range of Germany. It is particularly famous for its expanded forests, valleys, little cities and nature-left rivers. Almost each village is an air health resort. But not only the environment gives the Black Forest its fascination – it´s one product that made this area so famous: the Black Forest Cuckoo clock.

This little summary about some major attractions should give you an overview of places to visit. A more deeper view you will get by visiting the links at the end of this overview.
The Swabian Hills
Reading the history on the Bavarian Forest, it goes back as far as 400 BC

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