Friday, September 10, 2010

Build me a Garden

 I find so much pleasure and pride creating my garden font and back yard, tending to my flowers each day before and after my full time job.  I am not an experience gardener.  I love having flowers around the yard, when buying seeds to buying starters its 50/50 to hope they survive and flourish the whole spring and summer.

I try to buy year round flowers, my 1st year of planting flowers I didn't know their were flowers that come up every year, I always assumed replanting was the only way.  But Ive learned that much now.

I also recall planting seeds and later down the road pulling the new spouts out thinking they were weeds. To over come that again 
I purchase the compostable trays
fill them with soil along with flowers seeds.  Lay them out in the garden where I would like them to grow.  I have to say I am really proud of myself to see they have grown so well and flowers are perfect.

I have wasted and spent a lot of money to see my flowers die, or did not grow to what it was expected.  I often thought it was the soil I was using, I thought of lots of reasons why haft the time my flowers just died. 

I learned also to use Miracle-Gro food.  I found that Miracle products is my friend, least its helped me save most of my flowers from dying so quickly.   

I am very proud of my flowers and yard, enjoy sitting on my front porch in the morning sun, drinking a cup of coffee and viewing the many flowers that are blooming and re-budding.

My grand daughters are also flower lovers, they enjoy helping me in the yard.

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