Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You know its Spring time when the trees are blossoming and the fragrant is so sweet, the flowering bulbs are taking shape and colorful as if waiting for this day as well.

I see so many pretty yards, where they planted their tulips in perfect order.  I began buying bulbs through the season and off so when late fall arrived I could start my own arrangement and make it perfect like all the others I have seen.

I had purchased several packages from store bought to mail order.  I had at least 7-8 variety of types and colors. I had created a design on how to plant them and how to arrange the colors as they would look by next spring.  This was my 1st time actually creating a design, and researching for the best place for each type of bulbs.

I had then on my porch all summer long waiting for late fall to come so I can begin to plant.  
I have two dogs a Alaskan malamute "Mika"and a small mix poodle "Odie"  they enjoy our fence in yard and plenty of running area to play.

they sniffed and found my boxed flower bulbs on my porch. They had every package open and torn. So when I gathered them all up from back to front yard, I had no clue what bulbs I had.  

I still planted them as I planned on doing so, It just a guess what style and colors they will come out to be in the spring.  I couldn't stay angry at my dogs.  As winter came and gone I did grow more excited to see what colors I will see.

I thought it has to be colorful, and plenty of new flowers, along with the bedding plants I had started.  I decided to have a garden party mid spring to share my creation.  It was a mix and match of flowers everywhere, colorful and lively.  

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