Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meeting New People and Places

I am a newcomer to the technology World, I can work on a computer and develop the needs for my job performance.  When searching on the web, I did the basic search and really didn't give it much thought of how it function and what it really meant behind SEO.

I have this great position at work Home Decor department, its a large range of items.  The one thing that makes this a great job is I can talk, chat, write and understand a lot of the details behind these products, if I cant I can sure ask, that's one thing I am not afraid of doing.

The fear I had, was corresponding with strangers on the internet, how do you open a door your not use to.  I didn't have much knowledge of the word social media, ranking and keywords.   Now days I am "flying" and find each day a challenge and accomplishments.  I really enjoy searching for other sites and viewing the things they offer to viewers.  

I have found so many great websites.  Businesses that offer wonderful service and ideas sharing tips and advice to many viewers.  

Artistes who share their painting and creative works the colors and images they see so well and we can only wish we could master.  

Seamstress who make historical and current clothing lines, where you can actually know and see what was the fashion back in the days. 

Craftsmanship who make wood working so beautiful and so unique.  So many things can be found out there on the internet. 

One great satisfaction I have is meeting and corresponding with many people, I cant tell ya how honored its been for them to respond and share their world with mine.  

Thank you all, for sharing and letting me become apart of more then I ever thought I could imagine.

Mrs. Parker's Millinery and Mercantile            Canyon Country 
  JOHNATHAN HARRIS FINE ART                            ALAN BLAUSTEIN Art                                
Rachels' Seamstress Services          
Darby Creek Trading            Pretty Things Decor
                        My Unique Wooden Toys                    Sew on Set

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