Thursday, September 30, 2010

Southern Porches

Driving along country roads and people who will wave while your driving by is so dear and sweet. That's what you call southern hospitality. 

I thought how beautiful some of their porches where, I am fond of the porches that run all the way around the house.

 With the hanging planters
and flower beds along the edge. Of course you cant forget the rocking chairs where you can relax and view the front yard.  My husband and I had a beautiful porch, like the one pictured above.
  While living in Cullman, AlaWith the humid weather their seems you can grow just about anything.  I loved my Boston ferns hanging off the porch.  We had moved since then, we live in Utah now and though me love it here I still miss the southern people and ways.  Where waving at strangers isn't  a odd thing to do now days. 

We still made sure our home here had a large porch and of course ferns don't grown well here I do have plenty of flowers and plants on the porch till winter arrives. 

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  1. I miss that about GA. Also in UT now. People do not smile and wave like in the south.
    And I absolutely Love a BIG porch as well. Utah or Georgia...when I set on my front porch I smile and wave at passerbys.