Monday, September 27, 2010

I enjoy Sharing!!!

I like to share some beautiful art I found in my search for "Art" A friend of mine makes Beaded Watches, She does this all on her own. I would like to share a part of her work. Her name Rachelle. I admire her way of making beads turn into Beautiful jewelry. I want to thanks her for sharing her work with my friends.

also In my travel with the website I found a great source of Pretty Things Decor she has her own theme of all crafty items to share. Great idea's.

And if its about kids check out this great site All About Kids they have from infants to older kids.

I would like to share as well a website that shows art in a different direction that is Art Plates you would enjoy the creations they bring out to many topics. 

check out the rest of my Favorites.

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