Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Outdoors

If you ever come to Utah there are many places to visit.  If you’re an outdoors person you will be amaze of the beautiful nature and scenery there is up and down the Wasatch Mountains, further south you will find Zion’s Nat’l Park. Canyon Country is a wonderful website for great information on back packing and camping. I found their site when looking for back packing ideas.

I enjoy being outdoors, riding horses, fishing, camping relaxing I can go on and on with the many things I can do. Some day I want to go white rafting down the Colorado River. 
Or when the weather is bad you can always find things to do in doors like crafts, hobbies my favorite is painting. I have painted landscapes and waterfalls, people tell me that the worse critic is myself. Well I still don't feel Ive mastered the great work of others. 

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