Monday, August 16, 2010


Friday went and pickup my twin granddaughters (age 5) they love grandmas house and grandma sure loves having them. I am a sucker when it comes to the word No to them.

My daughter: is a wonderful 28 yrs.old women, she had exceeded in her schooling & business collage.  A single mother while the twins where born. I was always there for support and helping out as I could, but I got to be near my sweet and beautiful grand daughters.

I have notice she can be a very strict mom and doesn't  budge a inch on letting them get away with anything.   I would feel bad for the girls, and wanted to wipe any tears that they cried.

Until my mother told me.  How I was strict too, and how she would protect them from me getting mad or angry with them,
they too loved there grandma dearly!  How ironic! 

I then recall when my grandma told my mom when she was angry I painted a large pine cone in the bathroom sink blue, and at 8 yrs old I made a good mess of it.  Grandma knew I didn't mean to make a mess but mom sure was mad...

Grand Mothers are Wonderful aren't they!

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