Friday, August 20, 2010

The history on The Vacuum Cleaner

I was searching for Vacuums  on line. 

Hardwood floors for me!

I was surprised to see the many websites and blogs relating to the Vacuum cleaner.  
The history: In 1869 the sweeping machine was invented.  Did you know that some brands will not honor the warranty if used on certain types of carpet?

Wonder if they had a vacuum cleaner?

I recall the door to door salesman, mom bought one and it was cool 
a rustic blue and had the attachments included.

  I own 3 vacuums, a upright vacuum, hand held and the big old powerful Wet/Vac which will suck up any thing that you point it at.
 When I adopted my cat, I didn't realize the cat hair found on companies back side when wearing dark clothing. Told me to keep the hand held close by. the cat hates the sound of any vacuum.

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