Monday, October 25, 2010

The 4th Season "Winter"

 Well the winter weather is here and if we do seem warmer weather it wont last but a day then straight into winter weather. Of driving and shoveling it for 3-4 months. What I love in the warmer weather will be more work in the snowy days.   


My long drive way and sidewalk, My walks to the dog run to feed the dogs. Oh lets not forget the nice cold crisp air when warming up your car.  I have a garage but my husband has taken over the thought of parking in it.  I really dread the drive to and from work, I work about 15 miles one way. We have public Tracks, but they don't drop me of close enough to work. 

I wont even try to drive in this. Even though I would give a try then turn back home.

the colors are brilliant but the snow will take over and it will be a white out.

I will miss you

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don't get me wrong I love the snow, I love seeing it from my nice warm house window, watching the fields and ground covered in white with a peaceful sound of silent.    Watching our dogs play and jump around in excitement.  Mika our Alaskan Malamute will surely love this time coming.

 Here is another link to show you some bad weather we have had in the pastI have lived here in Utah over 20 yrs and have seen a few bad winters.  Where we could not even get out of drive way waiting a few days for the snow plowers, I needed to go the store so I pulled on the boots and used a sled to tote my 3 yr old daughter back then. It was more fun then work.  

I arrived when Utah got their 1st Tornado.

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