Thursday, October 7, 2010

Light Houses

On a school field trip visited one in Southern California.  Learning the responsibilities the care keeper had.  I like the details that was in the house and the tower.

Being near the ocean watching for ships.  Boat still rely on them even though we have sonar and radar

I like how they are so solitude sitting alone on a cliff.
which they had to so no other lights would interfere with their main purpose.


I bet they have seen many of Great Sunsets.

I wonder if the light keeper was scared of being so alone out their, of course a family would be nice.  I guess they always had tha outdoor lighting.

I wonder if they where scared when bad storms came in? and how the sound of the wave pounding against the walls.

No way, see that little figure standing their? well that's NOT ME
I watch a documentary of a powerful storm and wave knocked a light house down completely.  I bet it can be scary when water reaches your home.

Lighthouses are unique and also a mystery, I'm sure some are even haunted. I don't want to find out on that issue.  I hope you like the photos I thought where favorites.

I wouldn't mind living here.

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